Saturday, May 24, 2008

Airport Dreams

A strange dream about an airport had me thinking of previous such dreams. Posting/ logging here as a reminder.

1. Helsinki Drona:
As with most dreams I have, this one has narration, and it assures me or I feel somehow that I've had this dream before. There is NO airport in this dream, other than the narrator telling the dreamer this happens in an airport, and the context. There is only a written document like an FIR or something about missing baggage. The explanation summary part of the doc states that I felt dizzy or sleepy and missed my luggage. The narration helpfully authorizes or 'authenticates' itself by telling me that drona/ droni is Finnish for aerodrome!


Recent upswing on airport coverage with HAL- BIAL. Reading about Finland on some blog. I did lose some luggage at an airport (left it in a taxi) years ago. Hell-Sink-I probably described my state of mind for a few hours thereafter.

2. Some US airport:
A more pleasant experience. Something to do with a longer wait for luggage than expected. A long drive thru some scenic place, a turn at a T-junction, some lake.

No idea.

3. Some far eastern airport:
I get here because I miss my original connection and the airline decides to route me thru here. A dim memory that the dream suggests this is an airport in the Philippines. I miss my onward flight from here. I wait in some trepidation because something bad is on in this corner of the world.

No wild or dangerous adventure results, at least that I remember. The dream ends tamely with me catching some flight; the only drama is with the immigration officials looking very closely at my docs, getting confused, and some probing questions.

I think the missed connection dream is not uncommon with air-travellers.

4. BLR airport:
One of my oldest dreams about airports. I go to the airport which the narration tells me I have been to before just to watch flights, around some gentle sloping curve in a road that the dreamer is much attracted to. The airport itself turns out to be a crowded darkish cavern with nobody knowing exactly which flight is where. At one point, I am told to go to the other side of the building, and for this I exit the building and walk around to the other side, on what the dream informs me is NOT the "airside"_ Yet a plane swings by on the tarmac from around the building and we walkers avoid it by huddling close to the terminal wall on our footpath. There is no sense of panic, rather an atmosphere of routine to this. We turn and enter the building from this side into another hall equally dank. The dream ends without much bothering to tell me whether I caught the flight.

Almost certainly HAL airport: the sloping curve is on Airport road, and I walked to HAL airport to watch flights from a visitors gallery it had at some point lonnng ago. And almost equally certainly a reaction to its being referred to (derisively) as a bus stand several years ago.