Friday, September 18, 2009

Dreams continued

Another weird recent dream. Maybe of some interest to some poor soul who clicked through, provided you are bored enough:

Starts with me having to go to my Dad's office (he's retired long ago) on some errand. I'm polite but disinterested; racking my brain to come up with some connect to talk about and remember an old birthday party by BK Uncle. As I'm patting myself on the back for this memory feat I observe that the host is also diplomatically putting up with me for Dad's sake. For some reason he and the others at the office are very tall. I wonder whether this has something to do with BK Uncle's short stature; apparently this gets too boring even for the dream, for we slip into.....

The Faniac
A thriller-jack almost guaranteed to wake you up.

Train chase

Starts very normally as all thrillers do, the dream informs us, with a freight train being chased by the xagonist in another train consisting of a diesel loco pulling a standard road truck. Try as he does, he cannot close the gap, so as is usual again, Xagonist sets off on an angled short-cut track to bring himself ahead of the target.

When the tracks merge he is still a little short of the last car of the freight train. A sidekick in the truck bravely volunteers to assist, as the xagonist nonchalantly climbs out and onto the engine. A backward glance tells him the sidekick has splatted onto the track but he grimly moves on and attempts to snag the freight car with a grappling hook.

We dont get to know whether this heist succeeds for the next scene has the xagonist quietly resting at the bottom of a glade, as two cars of henchmen arrive and intone that "Everything is ready". He nods in satisfaction.

Grand Opera

The glitterati of the city are assembled as the xagonist struts in. There is some muted underwhelming applause. From somewhere wafts a song: "Signoraaaaa..." We are informed that this is the most sophisticated thing that the xagonist could think of. A political figure of some standing leaves at some point and the xagonist then seats himself on a special swing seat. This offends some of the audience. Scene dissolves....

The Challenge

50 of the worst villains of the country are assembled as the xagonist saunters in. He comes to the point quick: a grand prize is on offer to whichever of the villains manages to bump him - the xagonist- off. On warning though: he, the accomplished xagonist, will violently resist said bumping.

There is some pandemonium. One of the bad guys has a grim smile, his eyes tell us he is looking forward to some KillBill-ish dueling. But the rest protest: its namak haraam.

" How can we take money from you to kill you off?" they wail.

The xagonist is stumped at this unexpected quandary. The dream cant figure a way out either for it decides to drop curtains :-(

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Jai_Choorakkot said...

Note on what seems to have driven this dream, before I forget:

- some very mundane attempt to set up a clothes hanger with a hook just beyond my reach.

- Tarun Tejpal's rather fawning (IMO) article on Mrs.Gandhi and her extra God in Tehelka. I read that twice since I thought, at the first pass, that he was being ironic and sending up the chamcha attitude.

- a disc. on an apparently recurring theme in Tamil movies where a 'hero' lists and takes out the top N baddies in a place. The dream sets up a "fairer deal" with an open challenge and the target as the 'hero'.

The dreamer appears to have expected to proceed with this deal and there is a memory of some surprise at the curveball thrown by the other characters' namak halaali.