Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nakhoon kaatne ke nau nibandhan

1. Not on your birthday.
2. Not on your star birthday.
3. Not on any repeat of your star birthday any month of the year.
4. Not indoors.
5. Specifically not at the threshold of your house.
6. Not after 6pm.
7. Not on a Saturday.
8. Not on a Tuesday (not too sure abt this).
9. Not on New Years Day (traditional calendar).

I sometimes envy the kind of leisure our ancestors (well at least some of them) must have had to come up with rules so nitty-gritty to govern acts so trivial. They were for sure not worried about where the next meal was coming from. There must be something to that "land of milk and honey" that we reputedly had :-)

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