Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CWGames in preview

* The games are inaugurated with a bang, quite literally, only nobody quite knows whether it was a guard of honour or a passing terrorist. An enquiry has been ordered.

* Strategic reorganization of the events has resulted in steeplechase events being held using the impediments on track. Next day its hurdles. Flat out running races are only scheduled after the tracks are completely cleared on day 4.

* Swimming records are being broken furiously. Its not clear whether this is out of all the training or extra motivation of the swimmers wanting to spend as little time in the water as possible.

* Security has looked up since the shooting teams have been assigned to this job. It has been unreliably learnt that the IM and other outfits dont fancy their chances against such sharpshooters.

* Sportspersons from a Certain Neighboring Nation are pleased as punch. They are being feted royally and invited to all events. A happy athlete praised the mehmaan-nawaazi of the organizers in keeping his contingent present at all contests in their discipline even though they crashed out in the second round of competition. He predicted great things for the future of Indo-CNN sporting ties.

* However it is rumored that good security is also due, in part to the wide visible presence of CNN athletes and officials at all events. This story has been denied by all officials concerned from the host nation -sometimes in advance of it reaching them.

* It has not been possible to ascertain whether the lamp got extinguished at the closing ceremony as abruptly as it did, because of a glitch or somebody's well-planned maneouvre to cut short the droning speeches.

* And in conclusion: the medals tally for India being the highest ever at a CWG, the Organizing Committee has been commended for the way they handled this event. Mr.Kalmadi, it is learnt, is being recommended for a Padma award. It is proposed to make CWG Delhi 2010 a template for all international sports competitions hosted in India in future.

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Quite uncharacteristic of you (taking into consideration all that I have read by you). Please remove 'hopefully' from the label. :)